Biography Project


Early Nursing Education
George Post: Your parents obviously approved? Yes, and they wanted me to go to the combined course with the University of B.C. and the Vancouver General Hospital. But all my friends were going to the Vancouver General Hospital so I went there. What was this degree business? I wasn’t going to be bothered. They were a bit snobbish too, the degree people. So I went into Vancouver General Hospital, and then subsequently went on for my degree work, to McGill and what-not. George Post: What are your strongest recollections about doing that RN course at Vancouver General? Well, a lot of th [more]
Post Graduate work and Career Reflections
George Post:  And you decided then to move right in to the University? We had a choice, they called them Veteran’s Points.  You could have furniture for your house, or you could have land, or you could go to University. So I chose University, and I went to McGill to finish up. I had gone to the University of Washington before; I had some credits there, because it was close to Vancouver. Then I went to McGill, and came back to the Vancouver General to teach, because I was really on leave of absence. And I taught for two years, then I decided I would like to have my Masters. One other [more]