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Younger generations of the family
George Post: What has happened to the younger generation. I‘m sure that there are nieces and nephews; do they share these passionate interests in education and community improvement? Well, I don’t know. My oldest brother has two sons and a daughter, and the one son as taken over the business, Mussallem Motors, so that’s where he’s put his energy. My brother Nick had a son, the one who was a judge, a brilliant mind, too brilliant to stay at anything. He was one of the Company of Young Canadians. And that really put him off. And he is so bright that he is always getting into trouble, [more]
Freetown & Sierra Leone - Written by Helen Mussallem.   Until 1981, Sierra Leone was, to me, just a name on the map of West Africa. I had met the country's senior nursing officer and her assistant in nursing education many times at ICN Congresses. The latter person was afflicted with sickle cell anaemia --the first case I had ever encountered. I soon learned that this hereditary condition was common in many families in West Africa. My hotel at Manny Lo was luxurious but far out of Freetown. I should note here that Freetown is reached by a ferry which runs on an errati [more]
In 1994 Dr. H. K. Mussallem recieved an honorary doctorate from the University of British Columbia. She addressed a congregation of students from the Health Sciences.   [more]
2005 Visit to the UBC School of Nursing
These photos are from the February 2005 visit Helen made to the UBC School of Nursing. She had coffee with the faculty and then met with a group of four undergraduate students who were heading to Ghana, and interested in international nursing. In the hallway of the School, there is a large poster display of the history of the association between UBC and VGH Schools of Nursing. Helen is standing in front of the picture of her in her Directorial role in that poster. [more]
McGill University 7th Honorary Doctorate
Bruce Finlayson:  On the 29th of May 2006, my wife Lyn, her Aunt Helen and I were in Montreal to attend the graduation ceremony at McGill University, where Helen was to receive her seventh honorary doctorate. Aunt Helen was very excited because she received her bachelor degree in nursing from McGill. We drove from Ottawa on a sunny spring day and arrived at the Sofitel in Montreal. We had adjoining rooms, one for Helen and one for Lyn and I.  The hotel was the height of luxury and only a few blocks from McGill. Lyn and I spent the afternoon looking for the perfect evening bag for Helen. W [more]