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World War II


World War II
George Post:  When the war broke out, was this a major calamity in the community? Do you remember a lot of young men joining up to the war effort? Well, I was a graduate and working in the Operating Room at the time. My sister phoned me up, and said they’d dropped a bomb on Pearl Harbour.  I said “Oh,” I didn’t get the impact of it at the time.  I was quite grown up, and working in the Operating Room at the Vancouver General. When it first broke out, I just remember this now, we had to paint all the windows black in the operating theatres where we were, and we had to stay there t [more]
Remembrance Day interviews
On Remembrance Day 2009, Dr. Mussallem chatted with her niece Lynette about her experiences in World War II. To view three short videos of their chat, click on links to view video. SigningUp HalifaxLiverpool MarsdenGreen [more]